Klinische studies en wetenschappelijke publicaties

Product foto Licener anti-luis shampoo

Wil jij meer weten over het werkzame Neem extract van de Licener Anti-luisshampoo? Hieronder vind je verschillende wetenschappelijke studies.

Abdel-Ghaffar, Fathy, et al. “Efficacy of a single treatment of head lice with a neem seed extract: an in vivo and in vitro study on nits and motile stages.” Parasitology research 110.1. (2012): 277-280.

Al-Quraishy, Saleh, Fathy Abdel-Ghaffar, and Heinz Mehlhorn. “Head louse control by suffocation due to blocking their oxygen uptake.” Parasitology research 114.8 (2015): 3105-3110.

Abdel-Ghaffar, Fathy, et al. “Head lice in progress: what could/should be done—a report on an in vivo and in vitro field study.” Parasitology research 115.11 (2016): 4245-4249.

Dörge, Dorian D., Thomas Kuhn, and Sven Klimpel. “Flammability testing of 22 conventional European pediculicides.” Parasitology research 116.4 (2017): 1189-1196.

Semmler, Margit, et al. “Randomized, investigator-blinded, controlled clinical study with lice shampoo (Licener®) versus dimethicone (Jacutin®


Fluid) for the treatment of infestations with head lice.” Parasitology research 116.7 (2017): 1863-1870.

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